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Richard John BLOINK, son of John (Johann) BLOINK and Robena ATKINSON , was born 1872 in Mt Prospect, VIC. He married Mary Lucille REILLY 1894 in Newlyn, VIC. He died 1930 in Fitzroy, VIC. Mary Lucille REILLY, daughter of Joseph Thomas REILLY and Mary Lucille BURROWS , was born 1866 in Perth, WA. She died 1936 in Fairfield, VIC aged 70.

Children of Richard John BLOINK and Mary Lucille REILLY are:
1. Greta Frances BLOINK, b. 1898 See John STANISLAUS & Greta Frances BLOINK
2. John (Jack) Joseph BLOINK, b. 1897 See John (Jack) Joseph BLOINK & Mary Winfred BECKWITH
3. Lucille Mary BLOINK, b. 1901 See James QUINLAN & Lucille Mary BLOINK
4. Mary Robena Veronica BLOINK, b. 1896 See Thomas Reginald GREGOR & Mary Robena Veronica BLOINK
5. Francis (Frank) Gerald BLOINK, b. 13 August 1908 See Francis (Frank) Gerald BLOINK & Glenise UNKNOWN
6. Herbert Champion BLOINK, b. 1906
7. Monica BLOINK, b. 1905
8. Richard Leo BLOINK, b. 01 February 1904 See Richard Leo BLOINK & Eleanor KEARNEY OR Richard Leo BLOINK & Elizabeth Francis ATKINSON
9. Vincent de Paul BLOINK, b. 15 June 1911 See Vincent de Paul BLOINK & Dixie ROSALINE

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