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John (Johann) BLOINK, son of Joseph BLOINK and Mary Catherine PIPER , was born 1831 in Westphalia. He married Robena ATKINSON 1863 in VIC. He died 1895 in Kingston, VIC. Robena ATKINSON, daughter of Robert ATKINSON and Margaret BAXTER , was born abt. 1847. She died 1906 in Mt Prospect, VIC.

Children of John (Johann) BLOINK and Robena ATKINSON are:
1. Richard John BLOINK, b. 1872 See Richard John BLOINK & Mary Lucille REILLY
2. Casper William BLOINK, b. 1874 See Casper William BLOINK & Annie Elizabeth NELIS
3. Hilda Jane BLOINK, b. 1879 See Edward HOGAN & Hilda Jane BLOINK
4. Luisa BLOINK, b. 1867 See Edward O'CONNELL & Luisa BLOINK
5. Mariea Katerine BLOINK, b. 1864 See John Irwin DARBYSHIRE & Mariea Katerine BLOINK
6. Francesica Margaretta BLOINK, b. 1868
7. Harry Julius BLOINK, b. 1881
8. Herbert Frederick William BLOINK, b. 1883 See Herbert Frederick William BLOINK & Vera Susan HARVEY
9. John Ferdinand BLOINK, b. 1865 See John Ferdinand BLOINK & ?
10. Margaret Ruby BLOINK, b. 1887
11. Robert Atkinson BLOINK, b. 1877

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