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Joseph Thomas REILLY, son of Joseph REILLY and Catherine REGAN , was born 23 December 1836 in Dublin, Ireland. He married Mary Lucille BURROWS 10 April 1855 in Perth, WA. He died 13 October 1915 in Northam, WA. Mary Lucille BURROWS, daughter of Charles BOYD and Elizabeth UNKNOWN , was born 03 June 1835 in Perth, W.A.. She died 18 November 1902 in Notham, W.A..

Children of Joseph Thomas REILLY and Mary Lucille BURROWS are:
1. Charles Philip REILLY, b. 30 July 1857 See Charles Philip REILLY & Mary Elizabeth ("Polly") SMITH
2. Mary Catherine REILLY, b. 1856
3. Mary Ann (Ellen?) REILLY, b. 27 January 1859
4. Ursula Mary REILLY, b. 01 July 1861 See Harry (Henry) R HARLEY & Ursula Mary REILLY
5. Joseph Cuthbert REILLY, b. 1863
6. Mary REILLY, b. 1865
7. Mary Lucille REILLY, b. 1866 See Richard John BLOINK & Mary Lucille REILLY
8. William Hugh REILLY, b. 1868
9. John Thomas REILLY, b. 1870
10. Alice Monica Mary REILLY, b. 1873
11. Mary Frances REILLY, b. 1873 See James BOURKE & Mary Frances REILLY OR Thomas Joseph BOURKE & Mary Frances REILLY
12. Kathleen (Catherine?) Margaret REILLY, b. 1876 See Charles R COURTLAND & Kathleen (Catherine?) Margaret REILLY

Other Marriages/Unions for Joseph Thomas REILLY:
See Joseph Thomas REILLY & Annie FERNIHOUGH

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