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Charles Philip REILLY, son of Joseph Thomas REILLY and Mary Lucille BURROWS , was born 30 July 1857 in Perth, W.A.. He married Mary Elizabeth ("Polly") SMITH 01 January 1880 in Geraldton, W.A.. He died 16 October 1940 in North Perth, WA. Mary Elizabeth ("Polly") SMITH, daughter of Bernard SMITH and Henrietta Maria GRESSWELL , was born 08 November 1852 in Perth, WA. She died 07 October 1940 in North Perth, WA.

Children of Charles Philip REILLY and Mary Elizabeth ("Polly") SMITH are:
1. Leo Joseph REILLY, b. 1889 See Leo Joseph REILLY & Clarice BOWDEN OR Leo Joseph REILLY & Alice Emily CARWARDINE
2. stillborn MALE, b. 1881
3. Edith Lucille REILLY, b. 29 January 1883 See John Thomas Joseph ODGERS & Edith Lucille REILLY
4. Amy Gertrude\Lucille REILLY, b. abt. 1884
5. stillborn MALE, b. 1886
6. Cecily Violet Boyle REILLY, b. 1887
7. Agnes Daisy McEnroe REILLY, b. 1887 See Arthur Edwin TUFFLEY & Agnes Daisy McEnroe REILLY
8. Jessie Veronica REILLY, b. 1891

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