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Francis Henry BYRNE, son of Philip Henry BYRNE and Frances BALFOUR , was born 1798 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He married Anna Matilda NORCOTT 06 September 1826 in Saint Mary Magdalen, Richmond, Surrey, England. Anna Matilda NORCOTT, daughter of Amos Godsill Robert NORCOTT and Elizabeth (Eliza) NOBLE , was born 1807 in Hampshire, England. She died 23 July 1863 in St. Briavels, Gloucestershire, ENG.

Children of Francis Henry BYRNE and Anna Matilda NORCOTT are:
1. Frances (Fanny) Eliza BYRNE, b. 1827
2. Selina Jane BYRNE, b. 03 May 1829
3. Ellen BYRNE, b. June 1831 See William E JONES & Ellen BYRNE
4. Matilda Catherine BYRNE, b. March 1834
5. Alicia BYRNE, b. March 1835
6. Henrietta Eliza Douthwaite BYRNE, b. abt. 1837 See Edmund Augustus Henry Gun CUNINGHAME & Henrietta Eliza Douthwaite BYRNE
7. Phillip BYRNE, b. abt. 1840

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