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Amos Godsill Robert NORCOTT, son of Amos NORCOTT and Henrietta (Harriet?) GORDON , was born 03 August 1777 in Westminster, London, England. He married Elizabeth (Eliza) NOBLE 14 November 1801 in St. John's Church, Wakefield, Yorkshire, ENG. He died 08 January 1838 in Maryboro/Marysboro House, Upper Glanmire, Cork, Ireland. Elizabeth (Eliza) NOBLE was born abt. 1777 in Yorkshire, England. She died 05 June 1843 in Clifton, Gloucestershire, England.

Children of Amos Godsill Robert NORCOTT and Elizabeth (Eliza) NOBLE are:
1. Charles Rossmore Robert NORCOTT, b. 1810 See Charles Rossmore Robert NORCOTT & Rachel BURROWS
2. Henrietta Mary NORCOTT
3. William Sherbrooke Ramsay NORCOTT, b. 12 December 1804 See William Sherbrooke Ramsay NORCOTT & Frances Marianne DURANT
4. Eliza Frances H NORCOTT, b. 1806 See Chauncey Hare TOWNSHEND & Eliza Frances H NORCOTT
5. Anna Matilda NORCOTT, b. 1807 See Francis Henry BYRNE & Anna Matilda NORCOTT
6. Henrietta Jane NORCOTT See Charles Bernard Alexandre Lapra de ST. ROMAIN & Henrietta Jane NORCOTT
7. Georgiana Charlotte NORCOTT, b. abt. 1816 See William C LAMBERT, Esq. & Georgiana Charlotte NORCOTT OR unknown THEOBALD & Georgiana Charlotte NORCOTT
8. James Henry NORCOTT, b. abt. 1812 See James Henry NORCOTT & Adela (Adelaide) Ann HARRISON

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