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Adelaide on the ship "David Malcolm"

Adelaide SA, Hurtle Vale

Adelaide SA, O'Halloran Hill, Christ Church

AUS, NSW, Old Sydney Burial Ground

AUS, Sydney

Australia, Victoria

ENG, Bedford, Lidlington

ENG, Bedfordshire, Wootten

ENG, Bedfordshire, Wootton

ENG, Essex, Thaxted

ENG, London, Norton Folgate

ENG, London

England, Bedford, Wootton By Bedford

England, Bristol

Geelong), VIC (Christ Church, Corio

Germany, Frankfurt

Ireland, Cork, Queenstown

Ireland, Kings County, Shinrone, Offaly

Ireland, Kings County, Shinrone

Ireland, Offaly, Shinrone

Ireland, Queens County

Ireland, Tipperary



Lilydale Cemetery

N'hants, Wicken

Northcote Cemetery

now Coburg), Pentridge, South Yarra (Holy Trinity

NSW, Dubbo

NSW, Wallamba River, Burrmede

on the ship "Surge", Adelaide

on the ship "Surge", Port Adelaide

QLD, Laura


SA, Happy Valley, O'Halloran Hill

SA, Happy Valley

Scotland, Berwick, Coldingham

Scotland, Edinburgh

Scotland, Glenelg

Scotland, Inverness, Bracadale

Scotland, Inverness, Skye Isle, Bracadale, Brunal

Scotland, Inverness, Skye Isle, Bracadale, Guile

Scotland, Inverness, Skye Isle, Bracadale

Scotland, Isle of Skye

Scotland, Midlothian, Edinburgh

Scotland, Peebles


sea on the "Prescilla"

Sea on the ship 'Maldon'

TAS, Austins Ferry

TAS, Bridgewater

TAS, Brighton, Green Point

TAS, Brighton, Pontville, St. Mark's Church of England

TAS, Cornelian Bay Cemetery

TAS, Cornelian Bay

TAS, Green Point

TAS, Green Ponds

TAS, Hobart, Green Point

TAS, Hobart, Wellington St

TAS, Hobart

TAS, Launceston


Tasmania, Green Point

Tasmania, Hobart, New Town, Argyle St


the ship "Priscilla" aged 10

the ship "Priscilla"

the ship "the John Knox"

the Ship 'Europa'

the ship 'Norman'

the ship 'Subraon'

VIC aged 1 of Dentitian, Whroo

VIC aged 1, Bendigo

VIC aged 3, Whroo

VIC aged 68, Dandenong

VIC aged 68, Northcote

VIC, 6 mths old in Hawthorn

VIC, Alfred Hispital

VIC, Arthurs Creek Cemetery

VIC, Arthurs Creek

VIC, Barraport

VIC, Birregurra

VIC, Bonnie Doon Cemetery

VIC, Bonnie Doon

VIC, Brighton Cemetery

VIC, Burwood

VIC, Camberwell

VIC, Carnegie

VIC, Chiltern New Cemetery

VIC, Chiltern

VIC, Coburg

VIC, Collingwood

VIC, Coy's Diggings

VIC, Cuddys Flat


VIC, Eaglehawk

VIC, Echuca

VIC, Essendon, Christ Church

VIC, Essendon

VIC, Fawkner Cemetery

VIC, Footscray

VIC, Forrest, Yaugher Cemetery

VIC, Geelong Hospital

VIC, Geelong, Christ Church

VIC, Heathcote

VIC, Heildelberg, Austin Hospital

VIC, Heildelberg

VIC, Lang Lang

VIC, Linton (Arthurs Creek)

VIC, Macleod

VIC, Maindample

VIC, Malvern, St George's CoE Church

VIC, Malvern

VIC, Maryborough

VIC, Melbourne, Brighton, Stanley St

VIC, Melbourne

VIC, Mentone

Vic, Milloo

VIC, Miloo, Pine Grove Cemetery

VIC, Mitcham

VIC, Mitiamo Cemetery

VIC, Morang

VIC, Mulgrave

VIC, Necropolis

VIC, Noble Park

VIC, Oakleigh Cemetery

VIC, Oakleigh

VIC, Prahran

VIC, Preston Cemetery

VIC, Preston

VIC, Richmond

VIC, Rochester

VIC, Sale


VIC, South Yarra

VIC, Strathallan (Preston) Cemetery

VIC, Tennyson

VIC, Upper Plenty

VIC, Warrnambool

VIC, West Melbourne

VIC, White Hills Cemetery

VIC, Whittlesea

VIC, Whroo Cemetery

VIC, Winchelsea Cemetery

VIC, Winchelsea, St. Thomas's Church of England

VIC, Winchelsea

VIC, Wurdi Boluc

VIC, Yan Yean, 'Lochnagar'

VIC, Yan Yean


Victoria, Royal Park, Victorian Benevolent Home


Winchelsea Cemetery

Wootten Bedfordshire


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