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Alfred William Gresswell SMITH, son of Bernard SMITH and Henrietta Maria GRESSWELL , was born 07 February 1855 in Perth, W.A.. He died abt. 1940 in , South Australia. Eliza TAVERNER.

Children of Alfred William Gresswell SMITH and Eliza TAVERNER are:
1. Ernest Alfred Gresswell SMITH, b. 04 June 1883 See Ernest Alfred Gresswell SMITH & Florence May ("Babe") LANGE
2. Millicent Maud SMITH, b. abt. 1884 See A. SLATER & Millicent Maud SMITH
3. Arthur William SMITH, b. abt. 1887 See Arthur William SMITH & Gladys Muriel EARL
4. Olive SMITH See Allan HUNTER & Olive SMITH
5. Harold Gresswell SMITH See Harold Gresswell SMITH & Fanny
6. Horace SMITH

Notes for Alfred William Gresswell SMITH:

Notes for Horace SMITH:

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