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Family Trivia

Here is some fun family trivia.

General Trivia

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In 1899, Hilda Daire was born. Also born this year was Al Capone on Jan 17, Alfred Hitchcock on 13 August, and Fred Astaire on 5 October. Also in this year - the first car repair shop was opened in the USA, and the first automobile road accident death occurred. One month before Hilda was born, the Boer war began.

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A scan of the occupations listed in the family tree database came up with the following statistics. There are: 

10 Teachers
6 Office Workers
5 Plumbers
5 Secretaries
3 Accountants
3 Nurses
2 Computer Programmers
2 Cabinet Makers
2 Fire Officers
2 Leadlighters
2 Photographers
2 Receptionists

1 Bank Officer
1 Business Consultant
1 Carpenter
1 Dressmaker
1 Electrical Engineer
1 Exercise Physiologist
1 French Polisher
1 Federal Police Officer
1 Finance Officer
1 Farmer
1 Fine Furniture Restorer
1 Gardener
1 Hotel Worker

1 Hairdresser
1 H R Manager
1 Insurance Consultant
1 Musician
1 Motel Manager
1 Neuropsychologist
1 Orthoptist/Medical Salesman
1 Pharmacist
1 Pharmacy Assistant
1 Physiotherapist
1 Priest
1 Storeman
1 Surveyor
1 Sales Assistant

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Question: Do you know the month which has the most family birthdays?

Answer: October (19 birthdays) and the least is May & September both of which have 6

I don't know what you can read into this 

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154 different first names have been used in our Wood family tree (past and present). The most used is James 13 times and John 12 times. There have been no names starting with O, Q, W, X or Y.