Wood Family History

Wood Family Tree

The ancestors of Hilda Daire and George Stanley Wood.

For family members wishing to see the complete tree with all details go here (secure area).

The ancestors of George and Hilda can be searched using the surname listing (last updated June 2011). The information of anyone still living is limited to protect their privacy. You can still follow the links of all families, and go back in time as far as we know. 

Not all of our ancestor information has been total verified, so keep this in mind. If you notice something incorrect, please let us know so that it can be corrected in the next update.


Ancestor Pages

There is a page for each of the following names with more details about each of these ancestors.

Wood Family Tree Poster

Wood Family TreeIf you want a copy of the family tree all laid out nicely, you can download this poster (pdf file, current at Nov 2007). It is set to print at A1 size. If you can find a plan printer it should ony cost a few dollars to print. You could try printing it smaller but you may find it hard to read the names.