Wood Family History

The Photo Archives

Do you see any family resemblances? Here are some old pictures that we have scanned for you. Photos of our ancestors are rare. If you have any others around your home or in a shoebox under the bed, and you think they should be added to this collection, please let me know.  For more recent family photos, see the gallery page.

George Stanley Wood
born 18 August 1898

Hilda Wood (nee Daire)
born 13 December 1899

Mary and Joseph Wood, with their sons George Stanley (left) and John (right)

Hannah Maria Daire (nee Thornton)
born 11 September 1867

Joseph Wood
father of George Stanley Wood
born 1865

Mary Elizabeth Wood (nee Clarke)
mother of George Stanley Wood
born 24 Feb 1868, in Foleshill, Warwickshire 
     died 28 Feb 1952

Alice Wood (nee Ryan)
mother of Joseph Wood
born about 1831, in Richmond, Surrey
died 28 Jul 1921