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James NORCOTT, son of James NORCOTT and Jane ROBERTS , was born 24 February 1779 in Springfield, Buttevant, Co. Cork, Ireland. He died 22 April 1855. Dorcas Bousfield CREAGH, daughter of Arthur Gethin CREAGH and Isabella BAGWELL , was born 1788. She died 13 May 1863 in Buttevant, County Cork, Ireland.

Children of James NORCOTT and Dorcas Bousfield CREAGH are:
1. Sidney NORCOTT
2. Isabella NORCOTT, b. 05 September 1809 See Dennis DALY & Isabella NORCOTT
3. James NORCOTT, b. 10 September 1810 See James NORCOTT & Sidney GORDON
4. Jane Martha NORCOTT, b. 21 December 1811
5. Emily Dorcas NORCOTT, b. 29 October 1813 See Charles WINTER & Emily Dorcas NORCOTT
6. Dorcas Louisa NORCOTT, b. 1815 See James STEWART & Dorcas Louisa NORCOTT
7. Martha Anna NORCOTT, b. 15 June 1817 See Frederick John RAWLINS & Martha Anna NORCOTT
8. Arthur Gethin NORCOTT, b. 1819
9. Mysie Harriet NORCOTT, b. 04 October 1820
10. Anna Maria NORCOTT, b. 04 January 1823 See George DALY & Anna Maria NORCOTT

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