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George DURANT, son of George DURANT and Maria BEAUFOY , was born 25 April 1776 in Tong, Shropshire, England. He married Marianne ELD 07 February 1799 in Clewer, Berkshire, England. He died 29 November 1844 in Tong, Shropshire, England. Marianne ELD, daughter of Francis ELD , was born 04 March 1775 in Seighford, England. She died 16 April 1829 in Seighford, England.

Children of George DURANT and Marianne ELD are:
1. George Stanton Eld DURANT, b. 17 October 1801 See George Stanton Eld DURANT & Lucinda SAUNDERS
2. Marianne DURANT, b. 22 November 1799
3. Maria DURANT, b. 21 November 1800
4. Arthur Edwin Beaufoy DURANT, b. 24 October 1802 See Arthur Edwin Beaufoy DURANT & Elizabeth HARLEY

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