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Charles Hawtrey Bruce NORCOTT, son of William Sherbrooke Ramsay NORCOTT and Frances Marianne DURANT , was born 25 April 1849 in Quebec, Canada. He married Mary Emily KINAHAN 14 July 1892. Mary Emily KINAHAN, daughter of Frederick KINAHAN and Marion Elizabeth HANNAY , was born 1869 in Low Wood Belfast, Ireland.

Children of Charles Hawtrey Bruce NORCOTT and Mary Emily KINAHAN are:
1. Marion Eileen Marguerite NORCOTT, b. 20 August 1894
2. William John Walter NORCOTT, b. 05 October 1893
3. Hugh Burton NORCOTT, b. 12 June 1897
4. James Frederick Beauchamp NORCOTT, b. 1898
5. Patricia Alexandra NORCOTT, b. 20 July 1899
6. Ivan Frank NORCOTT, b. 1908

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