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Berniel Michael SMITH, son of John Handren SMITH and Lavinia Anne Mary OSBORNE , was born 1886 in Perth, W.A.. He married Mary Francis ("Molly") HIOSAN 1911 in as Handran-Smith, South Aust.. He died July 1950 in , South Australia. Mary Francis ("Molly") HIOSAN was born 30 January 1888. She died July 1941.

Children of Berniel Michael SMITH and Mary Francis ("Molly") HIOSAN are:
1. Dolour Mary HANDRAN-SMITH See Noel BOOTH & Dolour Mary HANDRAN-SMITH
2. Joan HANDRAN-SMITH See Robert Franklin Seamark LEWIS & Joan HANDRAN-SMITH
3. Claudia Marie HANDRAN-SMITH, b. 25 October 1922 See Julius Arthur JONGEBLOED & Claudia Marie HANDRAN-SMITH

Notes for Berniel Michael SMITH:

Notes for Mary Francis ("Molly") HIOSAN:

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