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Oswald Denton ("Ossie") TRIGWELL. Kathleen Noel ("Kate") MASON, daughter of Benjamin Frank ("Boy") MASON and Kathleen Mary SMITH , . She died 18 August 2008.

Children of Oswald Denton ("Ossie") TRIGWELL and Kathleen Noel ("Kate") MASON are:
1. Nigel Peter TRIGWELL See Nigel Peter TRIGWELL & Susan WESTLAKE OR Nigel Peter TRIGWELL & Peta Lorraine HANSEN
2. Sally Frances TRIGWELL See John Alan George KENTON & Sally Frances TRIGWELL
3. Phillipa Ann ("Pippa") TRIGWELL See James Martin HARRISON & Phillipa Ann ("Pippa") TRIGWELL
4. Adam Timothy TRIGWELL

Notes for Kathleen Noel ("Kate") MASON:

For privacy reasons, the details of people still living are not included in the above information.