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Stephen Arthur Aloysius SMITH, son of Henry Edward ("Harry") SMITH and Louisa Mary CORRIGAN , was born 04 August 1880 in Perth, W.A.. He married Catherine Mary MADIGAN 1905 in Perth, W.A.. He died 06 January 1956 in (aged 75 years), 234 Charles St., North Perth, W.A. (as Stephen Joseph). Catherine Mary MADIGAN. She died 1949 in Sydney, N.S.W. (leukaemia).

Children of Stephen Arthur Aloysius SMITH and Catherine Mary MADIGAN are:
1. Bernard Edward Stephen SMITH, b. 14 July 1905 See Bernard Edward Stephen SMITH & Mary Veronica JENNINGS
2. Thomas Joseph SMITH, b. 15 January 1906 See Thomas Joseph SMITH & Mary REID OR Thomas Joseph SMITH & Pamela Margret BEAUCHAMP
3. Kathleen Mary SMITH, b. 19 December 1908 See Benjamin Frank ("Boy") MASON & Kathleen Mary SMITH
4. Mary Cecelia SMITH, b. 04 July 1912 See William Roy CARMAN & Mary Cecelia SMITH
5. Dominic ("Nick") SMITH See Dominic ("Nick") SMITH & Winsome Gwennyth BANCROFT
6. Winifred Patricia SMITH, b. 18 June 1920 See Wai Ching ("John") YUEN & Winifred Patricia SMITH

Notes for Stephen Arthur Aloysius SMITH:

Notes for Catherine Mary MADIGAN:

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