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John Joseph SMITH, son of Bernard SMITH and Henrietta Maria GRESSWELL , was born May 1846 in Perth, W.A.. He married Mary DUFFY 11 November 1869 in St. Mary's R.C. Cathedral, Perth, W.A.. He died 15 March 1892 in (aged 46 years), "Beaufort Arms" Hotel, Perth, W.A.. Mary DUFFY was born 03 March 1848 in Portadown, Co. Armagh, Ireland. She died 23 March 1938 in (aged 90 years), Mt. Lawley, W.A..

Children of John Joseph SMITH and Mary DUFFY are:
1. Emma Amelia SMITH, b. 07 July 1879 See William Birmingham HOOPER & Emma Amelia SMITH
2. William Henry John SMITH, b. 1870
3. Edith Laura SMITH, b. 16 September 1871 See James Vernon HAWTIN & Edith Laura SMITH
4. Un-named female SMITH, b. abt. 1873
5. Maude Clara SMITH, b. 03 January 1874 See John ("Jack") MURPHY & Maude Clara SMITH
6. Henrietta Maria ("Etta") SMITH, b. 28 April 1876 See Thomas Joseph REARDON & Henrietta Maria ("Etta") SMITH
7. Alfred Ernest Bernard SMITH, b. 06 November 1880 See Alfred Ernest Bernard SMITH & Josephine Mary RYAN
8. Ethel Margaret ("Happie") SMITH, b. 06 September 1882 See Gilbert Frederick Churchill WILSON, J.P. & Ethel Margaret ("Happie") SMITH
9. Eliza Ellen ("Nell") SMITH, b. 16 June 1884
10. Francis Reynolds Matthew SMITH, b. 08 January 1887 See Francis Reynolds Matthew SMITH & May Annie BUDD

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