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Roy Septimus BARKER was born 1909 in Swan, WA. He married Jessie Catherine Mary REILLY 1941 in Perth, WA. He died 31 July 2004 in Nedlands WA, aged 95. Jessie Catherine Mary REILLY, daughter of Leo Joseph REILLY and Clarice BOWDEN , was born 1915. She died 30 June 2007 in Newcastle, NSW aged 91.

Children of Roy Septimus BARKER and Jessie Catherine Mary REILLY are:
1. Kerry Lenore BARKER See John Christopher BEVAN & Kerry Lenore BARKER
2. Sharon Donelle BARKER See A BASTIAANSEN & Sharon Donelle BARKER
3. Francine Audrie BARKER See Gary GRIERSON & Francine Audrie BARKER

Notes for Roy Septimus BARKER:

Notes for Jessie Catherine Mary REILLY:

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