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Genealogists are always searching for that elusive ancestor in the official records. It may not be that they are not there, just that you are looking for the wrong name. I compiled this list of alternative and diminutives (shortened names) to help myself and anyone else who stumbles across it to find variations of names that can give you a hint of other names to search for.

Some of these nicknames are common and well known, but there are many alternative names that you would not be aware of. Also, some what appear to be nicknames may be full names in their own right. I hope you find this table useful. If you would like to add or correct this list, please contact families unearthed.

Abby Abigail
Abe Abraham, Abram
Abram Abraham
Aby Abraham, Abram
Ada Edith
Adrian Hadrian
Aggie Agnes
Aggy Agnes
Aileen Helen
Ailie Alison, Allison
Ailie (Scottish) Alice, Alicia, Helen
Alan Allan
Alec Alexander
Aleck Alexander
Alex Alexander
Alf Alfred
Alfie Alfred
Algy Algernon
Alick Alexander
Allie Alice, Alicia
Ally Alice, Alicia
Andy Andrew
Angel Angelica
Ann, Anna, Anne Annette, Hannah
Annabel Annabella, Annaple
Annaple Annabel, Annabella
Annie Ann, Anna, Anne, Hannah, Annette
Archie Archibald
Archy Archibald
Augustin Augustine
Austin Augustine, Augustin
Bab Barbara
Babbie Barbara
Babs Barbara
Baldie Archibald
Barnabas Barnaby
Barnaby Barnabas
Barney Bernard
Bart Bartholomew
Bat Bartholomew
Beatrice Beatrix
Beatrix Beatrice
Beck Rebecca, Rebekah
Becky Rebecca, Rebekah
Bel Isabel, Isabella, Isabeau, Isobel, Arabella
Bella Isabel, Isabella, Isabeau, Isobel, Arabella
Belle Arabella
Ben Benjamin
Bennet Benedict
Benny Benjamin
Bert Bertram, Robert, Albert
Bertie Bertha, Albert, Robert
Berty Bertha
Bess Elisabeth, Eliza, Elizabeth
Bessie Elisabeth, Eliza, Elizabeth
Bessy Elisabeth, Eliza, Elizabeth
Beth Elisabeth, Eliza, Elizabeth
Betsy Elisabeth, Eliza, Elizabeth
Betty Elisabeth, Eliza, Elizabeth
Bex Rebecca, Rebekah
Biddy Bridget
Bill William
Billie William
Billy William
Bob Robert, Rupert
Bobby Robert, Rupert
Caddie Caroline
Caitlin Kathleen
Carrie Caroline, Carol
Cassie Casimir
Casy Catherine, Catherina, Katharine, Katherine
Cate Caitlin, Kathleen
Cathie Catherine, Catherina, Katharine, Katherine, Kathleen
Charley Charles
Chas Charles
Charlie Charles
Chris Christopher
Chrissie Christina
Christie Christina
Christy Christian
Chuck Charles
Cindy Lucinda
Cis Cecilia, Cecily
Cissie Prescilla, Alicia, Cecila, Cecilia, Cecily
Cissy Cecilia, Cecily
Claire Clara, Clarice, Clarissa
Clare Clara, Clarice, Clarissa
Claud Claudius
Clement Clementina, Clemintine
Connie Constance
Corinna Cora
Crispin Crispian, Crispus
Crispus Crispin, Crispian
Dan Daniel
Danny Daniel
Dave David
Davy David
Deb Debrah/Debra/Deborah
Debbie Debrah/Debra/Deborah
Denis Dennis, Denys
Di Diana
Dick Richard
Dicken Richard
Dickie Richard
Dickon Richard
Dicky Richard
Die Diana
Dob Robert, Rupert
Dobbin Robert, Rupert
Dod George
Doddy George
Dol Dorothea, Dorothy
Dolly Dorothea, Dorothy
Dora Dorothea, Dorothy, Theodora
Dot Dorothea, Dorothy, Doris
Eck Alexander
Ecky Alexander
Ed Edward, Edmund, Edwin
Eddie Edward, Edmund, Edwin
Eddy Edward, Edmund, Edwin
Edie Adam
Effie Euphemia
Eileen (Irish) Helen
Ella Eleanor, Elinor, Helen, Leonora
Ellen Eleanor, Elinor, Helen, Leonora
Elsie Alice, Alicia, Alison, Allison, Elisabeth, Eliza, Elizabeth, Elspeth
Elspie Elspeth
Emm Emeline, Emmeline, Emily, Emma
Emmie Emeline, Emmeline, Emily, Emma
Eneas Aeneas
Essie Esther, Hester, Hesther
Etta Henrietta
Euphie Euphemia
Eva Evelina, Eveline, Evelyn
Eve Evelina, Eveline, Evelyn
Fanny Frances
Flo Florence
Flossie Florence
Floy Florence
Francie Francis
Frank Francis
Frankie Francis, Frederica
Fred Frederic, Frederick
Freddie Frederic, Frederick
Freddy Frederic, Frederick
Gabe Gabriel
Genie Eugenia
Georgie George, Georgina, Georgiana
Gertie Gertrude
Gil Gilbert
Greg Gregory
Grissel Griselda
Gritty Margaret
Gus Augustus
Gussie Augustus
Gustus Augustus
Hal Henry
Harry Henry, Harold
Hatty Harriet, Harriot
Hen Henry
Henny Henry
Hetty Henrietta
Hodge Roger
Hodgekin Roger
Horace Horatio
Huggin Hugh, Hugo
Hughie Hugh, Hugo
Hughoc Hugh, Hugo
Humph Humphrey, Humphry
Hy Henry
Ik Isaac, Izaak
Ike Isaac, Izaak
Inez (Portuguese) Agnes
Isa Isabel, Isabella, Isabeau, Isobel
Izzy/Izzie/Issy Isabel, Isabella, Isobel
Jack John
Jake Jacob
Janet Jane, Jean, Jeanne, Jeannette
Jeames James
Jean Jane, Jean, Jeanne, Jeannette
Jeanie Jane, Jean, Jeanne, Jeannette
Jeannie Jane, Jean, Jeanne, Jeannette
Jem James
Jemmy James
Jen Janet, Jean, Jeanne, Jeannette
Jennie Janet, Jean, Jeanne, Jeannette
Jenny Janet, Jean, Jeanne, Jeannette
Jeremy Jeremiah, Jeremias
Jess Janet
Jessie Janet
Jim James
Jimmie James
Jimmy James
Jo Joan, Joanna, Johanna, Josephine
Jock John
Joe Joseph
Joey Joseph
Johnnie John
Johnny John
Josh Joshua
Josie Josephine
Josy Josephine
Jozy Josephine
Judy Judith
Jule Julian, Julius
Jules Julia, Juliet
Julie Julia, Juliet
Kate Catherine, Catherina, Katharine, Katherine, Kathleen
Kath Kathleen
Kathie Catherine, Catherina, Katharine, Katherine, Kathleen
Katie Catherine, Catherina, Katharine, Katherine, Kathleen
Katrine Catherine, Catherina, Katharine, Katherine, Kathleen
Ken Kenneth
Kester Christopher
Kit Catherine, Catherina, Katharine, Katherine, Kathleen, Christopher
Kitty Catherine, Catherina, Katharine, Katherine, Kathleen
Larry Laurence, Lawrence, Lorenzo (Italian)
Laura Laurinda
Len Leonard
Lena Helen, Helena, Helene, Magdalene
Lenny Leonard
Lettie Letitia, Lettice
Lew Lewis, Louis (French), Ludovic
Lewie Lewis, Louis (French), Ludovic
Lex Alexander
Lexie Alexander
Libby Elisabeth, Eliza, Elizabeth
Lilly Lilian
Lily Lilian
Lisa Elisabeth, Eliza, Elizabeth
Liz Elisabeth, Eliza, Elizabeth
Liza Elisabeth, Eliza, Elizabeth
Lizzie Elisabeth, Eliza, Elizabeth
Lorrie Laurence, Lawrence, Lorenzo (Italian)
Lou Lewis, Louis (French), Ludovic, Louisa, Louise
Louie Lewis, Louis (French), Ludovic, Louisa, Louise
Lucy Lucia (Italian), Lucinda
Luke Lucas
Maddie Madison, Madeline
Madge Margaret
Mag Margaret
Maggie Margaret
Mamie Mary, Miriam, Marion
Manny Emmanuel, Immanuel
Margery Margaret
Margie Margaret
Marjorie Margaret
Marjory Margaret
Mark Marcus, Marcius, Marcellus
Mat Matilda, Mathilda, Matthew, Matthias (Greek), Martha
Matt Matthew, Matthias (Greek)
Mattie Matilda, Mathilda
Matty Matilda, Mathilda, Martha
Maud Matilda, Mathilda, Madeline, Magdalene
Maudlin Madeline
May Mary, Miriam
Meg Margaret, Megan
Meggy Margaret
Meta Margaret
Mick Michael
Micky Michael
Mif Myphanwy
Miffy Myphanwy
Mike Michael
Mina Wilhelmena
Minella Wilhelmena
Minnie Mary, Miriam, Wilhelmena
Moll Mary, Miriam
Molly Mary, Miriam
Mose Moses
Mosey Moses
Nabby Abigail
Nan Ann, Anna, Anne, Hannah, Annette, Nancy
Nance Nancy
Nancy Ann, Anna, Anne, Hannah, Annette
Nanny Ann, Anna, Anne, Hannah, Annette
Nat Nathan, Nathanael, Nathaniel
Ned Edward, Edmund
Neddy Edward, Edmund
Nell Eleanor, Elinor, Leonora, Helen, Helena, Helene
Nellie Eleanor, Elinor, Helen, Leonora, Helena, Helene
Net Antoinette
Nettie Henrietta
Netty Antoinette
Nic Nicholas, Nicolas
Nick Nicholas, Nicolas
Nina Ann, Anna, Anne, Hannah, Antonina, Nancy
Nol Oliver
Nolly Oliver
Nora Eleanor, Elinor, Helen, Leonora, Honora, Honaria
Norah Honora, Honaria, Eleanor, Elinor, Helen, Leonora
Ollie Oliver, Olive, Olivia
Olly Oliver, Olive, Olivia
Paddy Patrick, Patricius
Pat Patrick, Patricius, Matilda, Mathilda, Martha
Patty Matilda, Mathilda, Martha
Paul Paulus, Paulinus
Peg Margaret
Peggy Margaret
Penny Penelope
Pete Peter
Peterkin Peter
Phamie Euphemia
Phemie Euphemia
Pheny Josephine
Phil Philip
Phyl Phyllis, Phillis
Pip Philip
Pippa Philippa
Pol Mary, Miriam
Polly Mary, Miriam, Pollyanna
Prudy Prudence
Prue Prudence
Ralph Rodolph, Rodolphus, Rudolph, Rudolphus
Ray Raymond, Raymund
Reg Reginald, Reynold
Reggie Reginald, Reynold
Rick Roderick, Roderic, Richard
Rob Robert, Rupert
Robbie Robert, Rupert
Robin Robert, Rupert
Rod Roderick, Roderic
Roddie Roderick, Roderic
Roddy Roderick, Roderic
Rodge Roger
Ron Ronald
Rosie Rosa, Rosabel, Rosabella, Rosalia, Rosalie, Rosalind, Rosanna
Roxy Roxana
Sal Sarah, Sara
Sally Sarah, Sara
Sam Samuel
Sammy Samuel
Sanders Alexander
Sandy Alexander
Sawnie Alexander
Seb Sebastian
Sibella Isabel, Isabella, Isabeau, Isobel
Sim Simon, Simeon, Simone
Sis Cecilia, Cecily
Sisely Cecilia, Cecily
Sissie Cecila, Prescilla, Alicia
Sly Silvester, Sylvester
Sol Solomon
Sophie Sophia
Sophy Sophia
Steenie Stephen, Steven
Steve Stephen, Steven
Stevie Stephen, Steven
Sue Susan, Susanna, Susannah
Suke Susan, Susanna, Susannah
Suky Susan, Susanna, Susannah
Susie Susan, Susanna, Susannah
Susy Susan, Susanna, Susannah
Tam Thomas
Tammie Thomas
Tammy Tamara
Tave Octavius, Octavus
Tavy Octavius, Octavus
Ted Edward
Teddy Edward
Teenie Christina
Terry Theresa
Tib (Scottish) Isabel, Isabella, Isabeau, Isobel
Tibbie (Scottish) Isabel, Isabella, Isabeau, Isobel
Tilda Matilda, Mathilda
Tillie Matilda, Mathilda
Tim Timothy
Tina Christina
Toby Tobiah, Tobias
Tom Thomas
Tommy Thomas
Tony Anthony, Antony
Tracie Theresa
Trudy Gertrude
Vest Silvester, Sylvester
Vester Silvester, Sylvester
Vic Victor
Vicky Victoria
Vinty Vincent
Wat Walter
Watty Walter
Will William
Willie William
Willy William
Wilmett Wilhelmena
Wilmot Wilhelmena
Winnie Winifred, Winfred
Xina Christina
Yiddy Adam
Zac Zachariah, Zechariah, Zachary
Zach Zachariah, Zechariah, Zachary
Zacky Zachariah, Zechariah
Zak Zachariah, Zechariah
Zeke Ezekial, Ezekiel