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James Sutherland & Mary McPhee





  1. William Archibald Sutherland  b. 1865, d. 1930. He married Annabella Mary Macmillian, 1890 in Cottles Bridge Victoria.
  2. Christina Sutherland Born: 1867 - Yan Yean, VIC
  3. Elizabeth Jane Sutherland Born: 1870 - Yan Yean, VIC
  4. Margaret Sutherland Born: 1872 - Yan Yean, VIC
  5. Norman Sutherland Born: 1874 - Yan Yean, VIC
  6. Catherine Isabella Sutherland Born: 1876 - BR OA
  7. Mary Ann Sutherland Born: 1879 - BROA
  8. Mary Jane Sutherland Born: 1885 - Seymor, VIC


James Sutherland was born in 1843 in Backies, Golspie, Scotland. He immigrated to Australia on the 'Black Eagle' in 1854.

Mary McPhee was born in 1843 in Scotland. She immigrated on the ship "Priscilla" aged 10, in 1853, with her parents Archibald McPhee and Christina McLeod and her siblings, one of which was our ancestor Norman.

James and Mary married Mary McPhee at the Presbyterian Church, Melbourne, Victoria in 1865

They had 8 children between 1865 and 1885.

Mary died in 1912 in Northcote, aged 68 years, James died in 1922.


James Sutherland

James Sutherland

Mary McPhee

Mary McPhee

(Thanks to Noel Sutherland for the images)

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