Mason Family History

John McPhee & Gertrude Prowd





old drawing of pop mcphee by his dadDetails

John Alexander McPhee was born on the 3rd of March 1885 in Upper Plenty, Victoria. His parents were Norman Archibald McPhee and Catherine Morrison

Alexander (or 'Sandy') married Gertrude Elizabeth Prowd on 20 (24th?) June 1908 in Lang Lang.

Gertrude was born 1884 in Malvern, Victoria, (her parents were Thomas Prowd and Elizabeth Mary Jewell).

They were both 23 years old. They were married in Lang Lang, where Gertrude was living. Her usual residence was listed as East Malvern, and for Sandy it was Yan Yean. Witnesses were her parents Thomas and Elizabeth Prowd.

Sandy was a farmer. At the time of marriage, Gertrude was working as a 'Ladies Help'.

Alexander worked for the Whittlesea Council with his horse and dray.

Alexander died on the 24th October 1957 in Whittlesea, Victoria. Gertrude died several years later, in 1961 in Macleod, Victoria.

McPhee shed

This is a shed where Grandma Mason (Gertrude McPhee) used to make the butter. This place is apparently now Heritage listed on the Growling Frog site. Grandma and Grandpa Mason used to manage that place.

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