Lagana Family History


Orsova Ship
the Orsova
image from John Oxley Library, State Library of Qld

The Ship Orsova plays a part in the Lagana family history, as in 1923, the ship first transported Giovanni Lagana from Italy to Australia. The Orsova arrived in Fremantle from Naples on 11 January 1923.

The Orsova was a 12,036 gross ton, 18 knot, two funneled passenger liner built by John Brown, Clydebank in 1909, for the Orient Steam Navigation Co. The ship contained accommodation for 290 1st class passengers, 126 2nd class passengers, and 660 3rd class passengers. She started her maiden voyage from London via Suez to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane on 25 June 1909.

In May 1915, during the first World War, she became a troop transport, though made two commercial voyages to Australia in 1916. On 14 March 1917 the ship was torpedoed near the Eddystone light, but beached at Cawsand Bay and subsequently towed to Devonport for repair.

She resumed the London - Sydney - Brisbane service on 22 Nov 1919. In 1933 was converted to a "one class" vessel. She made her last London to Australia sailing on 20 June 1936 and was broken up at Bo'ness in October 1936.


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