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Noel Francis BRADY, son of Vincent Gerald BRADY and Agnes MACKEY , was born 29 January 1899 in Boulder, W.A.. He married Doris Phoebe (Dorrie) BERGIN 1920 in Perth, W.A.. He died 06 March 1955 in (aged 56 years), Mt. Lawley, W.A.. Doris Phoebe (Dorrie) BERGIN was born 1901 in Leederville, W.A.. She died 04 September 1979 in (aged 78 years), Mt Lawley, W.A..

Children of Noel Francis BRADY and Doris Phoebe (Dorrie) BERGIN are:
1. Francis Augustine BRADY See Francis Augustine BRADY & Peggy Laurel HATFIELD
2. Joan Mary ("Molly") BRADY, b. 31 March 1922 See Keith W. HIGGINS & Joan Mary ("Molly") BRADY

Notes for Noel Francis BRADY:

Notes for Doris Phoebe (Dorrie) BERGIN:

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