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Leonard GIBBONS was born 04 November 1892 in , Gloucestershire, England. He married Stella Maria Theresa Josephine BRADY 04 November 1920 in , Perth, W.A.. He died 01 October 1961 in (aged 68 years), at his home, 128 Swan St., Guildford,W.A.. Stella Maria Theresa Josephine BRADY, daughter of Arthur George (John) BRADY and Susan Elinor MORAN , was born 13 February 1895 in Perth, W.A.. She died 31 March 1988 in (aged 93 years), Guildford, W.A..

Children of Leonard GIBBONS and Stella Maria Theresa Josephine BRADY are:
1. Gwynne Francis GIBBONS, b. 29 August 1921 See Gwynne Francis GIBBONS & Winsome Joy LONGSON
2. Brian George GIBBONS, b. 07 April 1924 See Brian George GIBBONS & Pamela Georgina TINGLEY
3. Arthur John (John) GIBBONS See Arthur John (John) GIBBONS & Maureen MASON

Notes for Leonard GIBBONS:

Notes for Stella Maria Theresa Josephine BRADY:

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