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Henry Hare TOWNSEND, son of James TOWNSEND and Henrietta Rosa Peregrina du PLESSIS , was born 1765 in Downhills, Tottenham, London. He died 06 April 1827 in Tottenham, London. Charlotte Winter LAKE, daughter of James Winter LAKE and Joyce CROWTHER , was born 1768/1770 in Edmonton, London. She died 13 November 1831.

Children of Henry Hare TOWNSEND and Charlotte Winter LAKE are:
1. Chauncey Hare TOWNSHEND, b. 20 April 1798 See Chauncey Hare TOWNSHEND & Eliza Frances H NORCOTT
2. Charlotte TOWNSEND, b. 1800 See unknown ELRINGTON & Charlotte TOWNSEND

Notes for Henry Hare TOWNSEND:

Notes for Charlotte Winter LAKE:

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