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William Sherbrooke Ramsay NORCOTT, son of Amos Godsill Robert NORCOTT and Elizabeth (Eliza) NOBLE , was born 12 December 1804 in Chelmsford, Essex, England. He married Frances Marianne DURANT 04 July 1848 in Hove, Sussex, ENG. He died 23 January 1886 in St. Leonard's-on-Sea, Sussex, England. Frances Marianne DURANT, daughter of George Stanton Eld DURANT and Lucinda SAUNDERS , was born 08 October 1827 in Brussels, Belgium. She died 27 May 1907 in aged 78 at St Leonard's-on-sea, Sussex, ENG.

Children of William Sherbrooke Ramsay NORCOTT and Frances Marianne DURANT are:
1. Gerald Alfred NORCOTT, b. abt. 1861
2. Mabel Eliza NORCOTT, b. 1854 See Charles Frank Pedley JONES & Mabel Eliza NORCOTT
3. Charles Hawtrey Bruce NORCOTT, b. 25 April 1849 See Charles Hawtrey Bruce NORCOTT & Mary Emily KINAHAN
4. Walter Gordon NORCOTT, b. abt. 1851 See Walter Gordon NORCOTT & Mary Matilda JONES
5. William NORCOTT, b. abt. 1855
6. Adehne Ellen NORCOTT See Ralph CREAGH & Adehne Ellen NORCOTT

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