Mason Family History

George Mason & Harriet Webb

Born: born 1831 Thaxted, Essex, England
John Mason and Sarah Barrett.
Married: 25 Dec 1854  Harriet WEBB in Thaxted Essex, England
Died: 23 Nov 1909


George Mason was born in 1831 in the town of Thaxted in Essex, England. His parents were John Mason and Sarah Barrett.

George married Harriet Webb on the 25th December 1854 in Thaxted, Essex, England. Harriet's father was George Webb (b ~1833 in Essex). 

George arrived in South Austrlia aboard the Norman in 1855, and his wife Harriet came out to Australia at a later date.

They had 14 children. Their son Charles Henry Mason was born on 25th July 1861 and was a pupil at the original Happy Valley School. The school has a house called Mason, named after Charles who donated two acres of land for the original school on Education Road.

George's occupation has been listed in various sources as a Farmer, Storekeeper, Postmaster. Residence: O'Halloran Hill, Happy Valley, religion: Cong

George died 23rd Novermber 1909,  and is buried at Happy Valley, South Australia. Harriet died not long after on 23rd July 1910.


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